Installer issue <cannot access root web - access denied>

May 13, 2011 at 4:49 PM


On the install step where I select the web application and site collections I have an issue.  I have multiple site collections   When the list presents witht he check boxwa I have  have  2 out of 5 site collecttions that say access denied.  For example  ( abc -56573 (1 site collection) (<cannot access root web - access denied>)

I check the boxes anyway and the feature appears to install anyway.

GREATSTONE01 : http://xyzcom/ : The solution was successfully deployed.

***** FEATURE ACTIVATION ***** : 924e3de7-9748-4717-b29e-662be4bc9c55 : 3ea3e0de-91e0-4631-b603-90386951c81e


 My site features are active for the Calendar, I can add it to the page and I can see the web part when I edit the page.  I have doen an iis restart as well.

My other site collections install fine and I can use the working calendar.  I have installed other solutions to the same site collection without a problem. 

Can I have instructions for installing manaully or some ideas as to where the files installed so I can see if it is installed properly? 

My environment is Server 2008 64bit wss 3.0  I have total access to the server as the admin.

Great wepart!

Thank you.