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This WSS feature enhance SharePoint calendar and provides "AJAX-like" functionality for On-the-Fly features of adding, deleting, dragging, resizing, editing appointments and events in Outlook 2007 like style.

Enhanced Calendar by ArtfulBits

  • Adding and deleting events with a single click using Postback (directly from the web part's interface)
  • Standard commands via Postback (Expand/Collapse All, date navigation, etc.)
  • On-fly event edit/drag/resize actions via Postback (directly from the web part's interface)
  • Easy way to add advanced features to standard Calendar view (and remove)
  • Support any type of SharePoint list (not only Calendar list)
  • Integration with SharePoint "Mini" Calendar
  • Cross-browser support (IE6+, Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari)
  • SharePoint standard themes support
  • Support resizing the calendar to fit your web site's design
  • Base lingual support
  • Easy deployment process using Setup Wizard (with repair and remove functionality)
Note: There is a commercial (professional calendar with more functions and features) version of calendar for SharePoint.
To get professional version of Calendar Web Part visit ArtfulBits Professional Calendar Web Part site.

The main key benefits of Professional Calendar are:
  • Multisource support. Professional Calendar combines events from different SharePoint Lists, from any SharePoint Site, in one Calendar view
  • Using different colors for evens. Professional Calendar allows specifying different color sets for events type of your need or use default one
  • On-the-Fly AJAX-enabled features, including adding, editing, dragging, resizing and deleting events in Outlook 2007 like style
for full features comparison table look here.

Installation Instructions:
Installation of Enhanced Calendar Web Part is pretty straightforward - just download installation package and run Setup.exe from it. ArtfulBits.WebParts.EnhancedCalendar.wsp solution will be installed and deployed automatically. "Enhanced Calendar Web Part" and "Enhanced Calendar List" features will be added to the specified site collections automatically.

Note: If previous version is installed - just run Setup.exe and choose "Update" option.

Setup Wizard
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Usage Instructions:
There are three ways for using this enhancement:
  • 1) SharePoint standard calendars will have new options: Enable/Disable Enhanced Calendar. By clicking to "Enable Enhanced Calendar" standard calendar will switch to "enhance mode". (List Settings->General Settings->Enable Enhanced Calendar)
  • 2) To create new list instance of Enhanced Calendar. (Site Actions->Create->Tracking->Enhanced Calendar)
  • 3) Just add Enhanced Calendar Web Part on the same page as standard calendar. (Site Actions > Edit Page > Add a Web Part)
Technical Info: Enabling Enhanced Calendar adds web part to any calendar view present on the list. Disabling deletes web part from list views.

Following properties of Enhanced Calendar Web Part allow controlling each of sub-features:
  • EditItemTitle - enable/disable item title editing;
  • AddItem - enable/disable items adding;
  • DeleteItem - enable/disable items deleting;
  • DragItem - enable/disable items dragging;
  • ResizeItem - enable/disable items resizing.

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